What Are Your Healthcare IT Frustrations Telling You?

Is your healthcare business experiencing healthcare IT Frustrations?

Due to the high-stakes nature of healthcare, it’s critical to invest in the right IT solution—and to ensure your records and processes are secure.

But how do you know if your current technology is the best or most cost-effective option? Is there another solution that could work better? Or help you grow more quickly, with more security and confidence?

Exploring your options begins with defining the problem. To steer you in the right direction, see if you can relate to any of the following:

Top Healthcare IT Frustrations

“HIPAA security requirements are overwhelming.”

You’ve already gone through the process of bringing your organization or group practice into HIPAA compliance, but it’s more than a one-time exercise. HIPAA regulations are highly complex, and enforcement is increasing. You may need tighter security—or more thorough monitoring. One option is a secure data environment in the cloud that meets all your ongoing HIPAA requirements (and helps you sleep better at night).

“I need to evolve with the times.”

The global pandemic brought dramatic changes to the healthcare system—along with new delivery methods like telemedicine and a work-at-home option. To keep up and compete with other organizations, you may need to upgrade your solutions or invest in brand-new platforms. Regardless of the end solution, you’ll need a network that’s robust, reliable and secure, so you can enjoy seamless and secure virtual connections.

“My on-site servers aren’t safe from disaster.”

Many healthcare organizations and independent provider groups maintain their own data servers on-site—but that’s not always the best idea. The biggest risk is business continuity in the face of disaster, since your servers aren’t safe from things like power outages, A/C failures, fires and floods. You may need better risk avoidance. Moving your data to the cloud offers more protection—ensuring full accessibility to you, without the risk of vulnerable, on-site hardware.

“I want to grow the organization quickly, but my current IT is holding me back.”

You may need more freedom. By moving your IT to a cloud-based service, you can quickly scale to accommodate your growth needs.

“I’m not sure that our technology is 100% up-to-date.”

You don’t have to subscribe to every software service or technology gimmick on the planet, but keeping abreast of what’s available is essential for ensuring that your healthcare organization or group practice remains as efficient, safe and competitive as possible. You may need more modern technology. Telemedicine is an excellent example of a technology that helps successful practices produce more revenue. The right IT partner can make sure your IT framework supports the latest and greatest technologies—those that fit your precise needs in the new normal.

With the right managed IT services partner, your frustrations and concerns can be a thing of the past. Contact us today to learn more about how Proxios can help your business address your specific concerns.

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