Virtual Desktop

Technology that is both available and usable benefits your employees in innumerable ways. Let’s work together to open up opportunities for collaboration and communication — anywhere, anytime. How can we help reduce the frustrating technological problems your staff encounters and enable a more productive work environment?

If you’re looking for higher flexibility and customizable scalability, a Virtual Desktop with Proxios might be the answer. Here’s what you’ll be able to accomplish with our a Virtual Desktop capabilities.

  • Enable remote users and varying work styles by harnessing larger amounts of computing power
  • Access to workstations while out of the office from all types of devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops
  • Increase user agilities and reduce learning curves with device consistency
  • Save time and money by storing all company information on a server in our secure data center — this also allows seamless access for permitted users
  • Install updates, perform patches, and troubleshoot glitches to just one system, rather than several
  • Optimize resources and time by focusing on significant tasks and strategic planning, not managing multiple systems and devices
  • Better protect your data from corruption or attacks by storing it on the server, instead of individual devices
  • Provide varying levels of user access by establishing content and/or activity barriers within your organization