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Proxios, a leading provider of information technology services to the legal profession, is proud to announce its Affiliate Partnership with the Virginia Bar Association (VBA).

“Proxios has worked hard to understand the unique challenges facing legal practitioners,” said Patrick Butler, President of Proxios. “We’re excited to work with the VBA’s membership to find new and innovative ways to leverage technology in law firms.”

Richmond-based Proxios, which was founded in 1999, provides a full suite of technology solutions for businesses, including remote access technology, business continuity systems, security, networking and virtual desktops. But the company’s strongest asset is its ability to work with legal practices beyond just making sure services are available all the time.

“We provide strategic technology planning that can increase efficiency and drive more revenue,” Butler said. “We’re focused on getting the technology interruptions out of the way for our clients so they can focus on growing their businesses.”

Proxios has even partnered with Microsoft to provide funding to help legal practices evaluate their existing technology challenges and consult on solutions.

“Our relationship with Microsoft is enabling us to really dig into the strategic side of technology with firms and find ways to solve their problems,” Butler said.

Through the Affiliate Partnership, Proxios plans to work with the Virginia Bar Association to share expertise with Virginia’s legal professionals and serve as a resource for the entire membership.

“The Virginia Bar Association has a rich history of serving the needs of the Commonwealth, and we’re exceedingly proud to be partners as the association continues to look to the future,” Butler said.

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