The Leaner Law Firm: Why Outsourcing IT Makes Smart Sense

Time is money for every law firm. Whether you’re a one-person-office or a growing partnership, reaching peak efficiency is essential to maximizing your time and your billings. Outsourcing IT might make sense for you.

Believe it or not, your IT solution also plays a vital role in this equation. With the right IT support, your firm can optimize efficiency by staying laser-focused on your work and leaving IT challenges to the experts.

If you’re maintaining your own data servers or managing your own IT in-house, here are seven reasons why having someone else run IT for you is well worth the investment:

Seven Reasons Why Outsourcing IT Makes Smart Sense

State-of-the-art cybersecurity

Your firm manages sensitive and private information every day—it goes without saying, a network breach or data hack is unacceptable. To maintain confidentiality and your firm’s own reputation, you have zero tolerance for cybersecurity risk. A managed IT services provider can help by creating airtight security, resolving potential vulnerabilities, and vigilantly scanning for cyberthreats.

Stringent compliance

Whatever your data management practices, they need to comply with the latest data privacy and protection laws, which continually change. To ensure full compliance, you need a partner that can ensure your technology resources and operations are up-to-date, helping you avoid the risk of violations and costly penalties.

Specialized skill sets

You wouldn’t go to your family doctor if you needed specialized surgery, so why rely on an in-house colleague or IT generalist to manage something as critical as your IT solution? The right managed IT services partner can provide a holistic IT department—including expert people, processes and technology—so you can focus on your business and never wonder if your colleagues or overworked IT teams are focused on the right things.


As a small-to-midsize law firm, you may not have the economies of scale to buy enterprise-class technology—making it difficult to compete with your larger competitors. By moving to a cloud-based service, you can have it all. Not only can you access best-in-class technology, you can quickly scale your business up or down without the typical procurement lead times, costs and delays of setting up new hardware—or the hassle of tying up costs in traditional in-house IT commitments. You’ll never worry about whether your IT can scale as fast as your business.

Around-the-clock IT support

With access to an IT partner, your generalist IT staff members have the backup support they need, taking the pressure off. For example, they can offload the day-to-day maintenance tasks, so they can focus on higher-value core projects that demand more specialized attention. Or you can offload all your IT needs, to help streamline and centralize costs.

Decouple IT from your office location

If you have your own server closet, there may be another smart reason to partner with a cloud-based IT provider. By moving your servers/data center to a cloud-based solution, you can decouple your IT hardware from your office space, so you can easily downsize, move or scale your operations without having to worry about the impact on your servers.

Flexibility and efficiencies of cloud infrastructure

Storing your documents securely in the cloud offers numerous advantages for busy lawyers. You can access your confidential documents anytime, and from anywhere—the office, a remote location or from the courtroom. Immediate access means fewer delays, and faster case closure.

If you’re ready to take a smart step toward outsourcing IT, contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business with more IT security and cost-efficiency

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