Technology Strategies Webinar – 4 Operational Strategies to Help Your Business Thrive

Webinar: Technology Strategies | JK Moving Services x Proxios

In September of 2020, JK Moving Services hosted a webinar to discuss 4 operational strategies to help businesses thrive after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Strategies presented included:

  • Operations/Business Continuity
  • Business Strategies
  • Financial security and automation
  • Technology Strategies

Patrick Butler, President of Proxios, presented the fourth item: tech strategies and IT solutions.

Watch Patrick’s segment of the webinar (beginning at 36:20), in which he discusses the importance of enabling your team to work from anywhere and how key it is to train your team on the IT tools and processes needed to successfully transition your business to life after COVID.

Enable Work From Anywhere
As we transition out of the pandemic, many businesses may adopt a hybrid work week, allowing employees to work from home some days, and from the office other days. So, it is crucial that businesses enable workers to seamlessly work from anywhere.

In doing so, technology decision points will occur, and you will need to optimize your technology. Consider:

  • Buying the right endpoint
  • Deploying better phone/collaboration tools
  • Making security simple but effective

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Also, with working from home on the rise, your business may need to reduce its dependency on office space. Consider:

  • Implementing cloud-based technology
  • Digitizing/automating processes

Train Your People

“Work from anywhere” requires different behaviors and the adoption of new technology. So, you will need to train your staff on your business’ standard IT tools and processes.

Consider the following training options:

  • Leverage collaboration tool training module
  • Record training and publish on intranet
  • Virtual brown bag lunches
  • Partner with a training company or IT provider

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