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Do you feel like your workstations aren’t functioning at their highest capacity, or preventing your team from being as productive as possible? Do you believe your devices are dated, slow, unprotected from viruses, or otherwise susceptible to frustrating slow-downs? While technology is all around us, the Proxios mission is to ensure that it is not only available but used to its full potential.

If you need help keeping devices, systems, and applications up-to-date while also maximizing their usability, we suggest implementing an updated Endpoint Management solution. Here’s a snapshot of what a Proxios Endpoint Management solution can do.

  • Deploy Mobile Device Management to standardize devices across all platforms [iOS, Android, Windows 10, etc.]
  • Provide extra protection for Windows 10 devices with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection  
  • Separate personal and corporate content to maintain a more secure storage option for corporate data
  • Keep corporate devices up-to-date and secure with Mobile Device Management policies
  • Stay on top of day-to-day maintenance, upkeep, and security procedures, ensuring lower maintenance costs in your long-term budget

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