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Could your organization benefit from a new perspective analyzing your technology? Collectively, the Proxios team has over 100 years of experience in varied industries, which allows us to engage with your specific goals and offer technological strategies that will work best for you. Proxios is not interested in “one size fits all” solutions; we prefer to engage with your specific concerns and offer solutions that will elevate your potential.

Here are some common consultation touch points we help with.

  • Project Management: Proxios utilizes Agile and PMI project management methodologies, offering individual project management services as well as portfolio management of projects over time
  • Auditing: our CISO can work with your business to perform network penetration testing and provide guidance and advice on your IT and regulatory needs  
  • Policies & Procedures: Proxios offers advice and review of your existing IT policy and procedure documentation and can update or create new policies and procedures from scratch
  • Strategic Planning: our team listens to your goals, roadblocks, and industry trends, offering customized strategies
  • Executive-level Planning: we can help senior leadership teams develop strategic and executable plans for IT that will support the growth of your business

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