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Proxios’ IT as a Service (ITaaS) solution is comprised of a complementary group of services that delivers high performance General Purpose IT saving valuable resources for strategic, industry-specific technology to improve the value that IT brings to employees and customers alike.

Proxios’ IT as a Service

Proxios IT as a Service

All businesses have solutions in place to deliver General Purpose IT.  These solutions are often engineered and supported with in-house resources.  Most organizations have used this approach for over 5 decades.  In today’s market, there is a better alternative – IT as a Service.  It is now possible and preferred to source your General Purpose IT to a company that has engineered the entire offering, ensuring that all of the components work together seamlessly; perform to enterprise-class standards; and are highly secure.  Most importantly, a single organization stands ready to support your employees on a 24/7 basis, regardless of the issue. 


Because you are purchasing a service, rather than building it yourself, ITaaS:

  • Scales to your business
  • Includes round-the-clock support
  • Eliminates capital investment
  • Minimizes risk

What is General Purpose IT?

General Purpose IT is defined as the standard computing infrastructure for a business and includes:

  • Servers and storage systems that run your business applications
  • Virtual desktops that enable your employees to work from any location where Internet service is available
  • The devices that comprise your local (LAN) and wide area (WAN) network and the telecommunication carriers that deliver your Internet and dedicated communications
  • PCs, laptops and tablets that each employee uses to access the system
  • The phone system inclusive of unified communication features
  • Common applications (email, office automation software, etc.)
  • Disaster recovery starting with daily backups and the option to add in redundant datacenters

Proxios’ ITaaS solution is greater than the sum of its parts and is best embraced as a suite of services which work collectively to optimize your company’s General Purpose IT operations allowing you to better focus time and efforts on business-facing initiatives that provide the highest ROI for your organization.

To learn more about each of the services that make up our solution, please read on and follow the suggested links.

Proxios Network Management Service

Reach optimum performance of your IT system and the applications you depend on as Proxios actively monitors the status, health, and performance of your network. Read more 

Proxios Virtual Desktop Service

Boost company productivity by ensuring employees' work continues from anywhere and at anytime, even in the case of disaster or loss of access. Learn more 

Proxios Unified Communications Service

Today's BYOD demands create new challenges for your business. Proxios' Unified Communications Service enables you to provide users with the most advanced voice, video, and messaging collaboration services available, on any device. Read more 

Proxios Endpoint Management Service

Put your mind at ease by knowing that your valuable information and systems are properly protected, patched, and kept up-to-date with Antivirus, Spyware, and Malware definitions. Read more 

Proxios Subscription Software Service

Enables you to focus on improving the adoption, usage and efficiency of your business applications and processes instead of trying to keep all of your PCs and applications up-to-date. Learn more 

Proxios Comprehensive Infrastructure Service

Based on the industry-leading VCE Vblock Data Center system, confidently provide users with the most advanced equipment and services available without the burden of buying, maintaining, and replacing. Learn more