Recent WSJ Report Indicates Why Now May Be The Perfect Time to Outsource Your IT & Cybersecurity

If you need yet another good reason to finally outsource your IT and Cybersecurity to an experienced and reputable company like Proxios, an insightful article recently published in The Wall Street Journal should get your attention.

The article, titled “Tech Wage Inflation Puts Pressure on Companies” (published on 4/21), reports that the soaring cost of hiring and retaining top tech talent is creating challenges for CIOs and CEOs “who are now under pressure to convince board members to approve higher spending for tech salaries…”.

According to the article, a sharp spike in the demand for labor, coupled with a tight job market and accelerating wage inflation in the technology sector, has many technology workers commanding compensation increases of 20% or even more in some cases.

Here are a few key points in the article:

  • “It is clear from a range of market analysts and executives that demand for labor in the tech sector is on the rise.”
  • “During the first quarter, U.S. employers posted 1.1 million tech jobs, an increase of 43% from a year earlier…”
  • “Inflation at a 40-year-high and the war in Ukraine disrupting tech and outsourcing hubs in Europe also are pushing compensation for tech workers higher.”
  • “Given the tight labor market, the cost of running and maintaining IT operations is on the rise…”
  • “Wage inflation in the technology sector is accelerating, pressuring companies to boost compensation for key roles by 20% or more as they compete for a limited pool of workers.”
  • “CIOs and other tech chiefs are under pressure to convince board members to approve higher spending for tech salaries…”

What the article doesn’t say is that the most cost-effective long-term solution to this problem—which we don’t think will go away soon but may actually worsen instead—is for organizations of all sizes to outsource their IT and Cybersecurity to leading IT technology and business service providers, like Proxios.

As a highly reputable and trusted firm with more than twenty years of experience in the IT and Cybersecurity industries, Proxios partners with small to mid-sized companies that prefer to focus their time and attention on growing their business rather than struggling to manage the complexity and pace of change that comes with well-run IT.

Working with Proxios, companies can rely on a single firm that can seamlessly and cost-effectively provide their end-to-end IT and Cybersecurity needs.

To learn how Proxios can reduce your costs, partner with your team (effectively becoming an extension of your team), and help you stay on the cutting edge of technology and security, contact us today.

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