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A newly published case study highlights the positive results the Electrical Equipment Company (EECO) has found thanks to its partnership with Proxios. Proxios is committed to offering cloud solutions to customers wanting end-to-end service for their IT infrastructure, so they are free to grow and enhance their business.

The case study details how EECO had faced challenges with its in-house, self-managed IT infrastructure when there was no formal managed services offering in place. Employees found themselves devoting too much time to fixing issues, taking focus away from continuing to grow the business. After consideration of the options at hand, in late 2013, EECO selected Proxios for a partnership to migrate its services to the cloud.

The results section discusses how since the migration, EECO now has the time and manpower to shift focus onto new functionality and business facing enablement, both of which have supported continued growth and exploration for the company. The majority of EECO’s upcoming IT projects have transitioned away from infrastructure work, allowing the company to grow the business and the bottom line.

Tracy Deuell, Chief Information Officer of EECO, stated, “Instead of being worried about fixing things that were constantly breaking, we are now focused on business applications and being able to create new functionality. Thanks to Proxios, the capabilities that are now afforded to us from an enablement perspective are tremendous.”

About Proxios

Proxios is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia and is in the business of IT as a Service (ITaas). As a provider since 1999, we have proven knowledge and experience to move customer infrastructure to the cloud, freeing customers to do what they do best, driving real business value from the applications that help run your business. We provide a wide range of cloud services to our customers throughout the United States and Canada including telephony and collaboration, business virtual desktops, and application hosting that help run their businesses.

About EECO

Electrical Equipment Company (EECO) provides the electrical services and material management required to optimize production, enhance productivity, and generate cost savings for industrial applications. We specialize in supporting automation, motor and electrical usage needs. EECO is a privately held company founded in 1926 covering the Southeastern United States. To learn more, visit: www.eecoonline.com