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Our goal is to help mature your technology, so you’re able to prioritize the right things: growing your business, providing employees with technologies that increase productivity, and working on strategic initiatives.

How would you categorize your current IT Solutions?

How can Proxios help take your business to the next level?


Available or general-purpose IT provides your employees the technology tools they need to do their job.

In this scenario, your IT team spends most of their time ‘keeping the lights on’ and ‘putting out fires.’

And when they have time they:

  • Work the Help Desk.
  • Procure and manage hardware and software.
  • Implement security and software patches and updates.
  • Perform backups of critical data and applications.
  • Coordinate multiple IT managed service providers.
  • Stay current on the latest technologies used in your environment.
Take your business to the next level


When your available or general-purpose IT is handled by Proxios, your IT team’s focus will be to:

  • Train your employees on how-to use the technology tools and applications.
  • Encourage new feature adoption of the latest technologies.
  • Develop and improve your business specific applications.
  • Enable mobility to allow your employees to work from anywhere, anytime.
  • Stay current on the latest technologies specific to your industry.
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Your employees become more productive as they become proficient using the technologies and applications you’ve provided. This means your customers have a better experience and your business more successful.

Once your company is more technology savvy, your IT team’s focus will be to:

  • Enhance your business customer’s experience.
  • Interview your internal and external customers for continued process improvement.
  • Develop and implement business and industry-specific technologies and applications.
  • Create advanced reporting and metrics to measure technology and business success.
  • Collaborate with Proxios to continually improve processes and technologies.
Take your business to the next level

Competitive Advantage

Our goal is to help you mature your technology so you can focus on growing your business, provide your employees with usable technologies to increase their productivity, and enable your IT team to work on strategic initiatives rather than ‘keeping the lights on’.

Once your company has reached this level, your IT team’s focus will be to:

  • Leverage technology to differentiate you from your competitors.
  • Build a digital customer experience.
  • Analyze data and metrics to develop strategic initiatives.
  • Support and drive organizational strategy.
Take your business to the next level

Use technology to accomplish your goals.

Your technology is an asset. Let us help you actualize its potential by taking it from a necessity to a differentiator. Progressing from Availability to Competitive Advantage will eliminate distractions and allow for strategic advancement. We will provide you with solutions every step of the way.