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For better security, you need more than walls, you need pillars.

OK, I admit it, I’m a Game of Thrones fan (aren’t we all?).  During my last binge-watching session, as I watched the Night’s Watch doing their best to not freeze to death, I was struck by the symbolism of the wall they were protecting and the tactics they used.

Curiously, it aligns pretty closely to the approach most organizations use for app and data security: build an impressive, seemingly impenetrable wall around all your users and hope that nothing bad penetrates it.

On paper, it’s not that bad of a concept. But in today’s world, it’s the security equivalent of swiss cheese.

The fact is, with the growing number of mobile/remote users and their myriad devices, locations and access habits, you can no longer expect that a perimeter-based approach is adequate for keeping your vital apps and data protected.  After all, it’s often these same users that are bringing the threats inside–by inadvertently downloading malware, opening network vulnerabilities and many other things.

It’s time for a newer, stronger approach for keeping your organization secure.  One that:

– Enables all forms of workforce mobility without compromising security.

– Provides a solution for contextual access and controlled connectivity to your networks and data (for contractors, partners and others).

  • – Delivers a way to support, yet separate personal apps, business apps and data without sacrificing or introducing more risk.
  • – And much more.

Want to learn more?  Download our latest executive brief, Manage risk by protecting apps, data and usage now.  In this new brief, you’ll learn the five essential pillars to a modern security infrastructure and what you need to consider in this new world where threats are only getting bigger and bigger.

It might not protect you from the White Walkers, but hopefully, it’ll keep your organization secure from hackers and other scary things out there.

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