Nonprofit Organizations: It’s All About Security, Uptime, and Reliability

Have unexpected IT issues threatened your productivity or budgets?

Are you confident that your donor records are as secure as they can be and that your business is protected from ransomware and data theft?

For today’s nonprofit organizations, a stable technology platform and predictable IT spend is key to ongoing success.
So is protecting the security and privacy of your donors—the lifeblood of your mission.

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Your Technology Challenge: Avoiding Downtime, Data Breaches, and Sudden IT Expenses

As a donation-dependent organization, you need to know your IT framework is solid, stable, and secure. You can’t run the risk of data breaches exposing personal donor information. Or unexpected downtime that stunts your productivity and requires costly, unbudgeted repairs.

We Help You Stay Productive and Planful

Chances are, you don’t have an experienced IT team—if you have one at all. Your staff members probably don’t know much about fixing technology or ensuring network security. And hiring IT specialists is often too costly. But what about information security? And where does your staff turn to resolve everyday IT issues?

Without trained network and security experts on your team, you may have unknown security gaps. And you could be missing opportunities to right-size your technology, avoid unexpected repairs, and better manage your budget.

By partnering with the right nonprofit IT support services team, you’ll have the on-call support and extra assurance you need.

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Our Team Serves as Your IT Partner

At Proxios, we fill in the gaps with core skills you may be missing—all at fixed monthly fee that works easily into your annual budget.

  • Enterprise-class IT experience: Just like any for-profit enterprise, your nonprofit organization needs desktops, mobility, fast stable internet, file storage, and the ability to communicate and collaborate safely. Your technology also needs to be aligned to best support your mission. And if something goes wrong, you need on-call support and a help desk that can get your team back up and running. With our managed IT for nonprofits, we deliver on all counts.
  • Airtight security assurance: Most likely, your files contain personal and confidential information about your donors and their financial assets, perhaps even credit card information that must be protected under the Payment Card Information (PCI) Data Security Standard, or PCI DSS. Our expert data security knowledge is a critical differentiator in helping you navigate the complexities of data storage to ensure full compliance and protect your reputation.
  • Fixed monthly recurring fee: We know your budgets are delicate. We offer a fixed monthly recurring fee on a three-to-five-year contract that enables you to know what your technology spend will be for the predictable future. And if anything goes wrong, it’s on us to fix it.

We’ve got the certifications. We’ve got the experience. And we’ve got the networking and security experts who can ensure your nonprofit is as productive and secure as it can be.

Managed IT for Nonprofits: Ensuring Your Mission-Critical Work

Don’t know where to begin? Our network and security teams will assess the current state of your network architecture and daily operations. That insight helps us create a roadmap to ensure you have:

  • A solid IT framework with right-sized technology
  • Access to nonprofit pricing and free licenses, where available
  • Seamless communication between systems
  • Strong internet availability
  • Smart collaboration tools
  • Network capacity for fast data transfers
  • Strong security practices and training
  • Enough speed, performance and capacity to advance your mission, attract new funding opportunities and grow

When it’s network speed, performance and security you need, Proxios delivers.

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