Law Firms: It’s All About Resilience
(and Your Reputation)

When it comes to protecting your law firm, are you prepared for the unexpected?

Are you confident that your IT platform and network are as strong as they can be?

In today’s world, resilience is the name of the game. When a challenge strikes, agility is often what determines a quick rebound from a costly shutdown.

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Your Technology Challenge:

Avoiding Data Breaches and Downtime

As a modern law firm, you need to know your IT framework is solid, stable and secure. You can’t run the risk of network interruptions or cyber threats that cause data breaches, downtime or damage to your firm’s reputation.

We Help You Prepare for the Unknown

If you’re smart, your firm already has a business continuity plan, a disaster recovery plan and a data security plan. But what about other issues? If you don’t know what they are, how can you prepare?

Without a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) on your executive team, you may not have the full confidence you want—and you may be more exposed than you think. You need more depth of expertise than your generalist IT staff person or team can provide.

With the right IT support for law firms, you don’t need to worry.

Our Team Serves as Your CISO

At Proxios, we provide the assurance you want—plus the right balance of risk and control.

It’s about having modern network gear. Eliminating any single points of failure. Owning the right security tools. Ensuring your staff is trained on those tools. Building a solid organizational plan, disaster plan and security plan. And having an expert review your entire framework to confirm it’s airtight and applied correctly.

We’ve got the tools. We’ve got the experience. And we’ve got the network security experts who can ensure you’re as resilient as you can be.

And if a challenge does arise, the Proxios team is there to address it head on.

Managed IT for Law Firms:

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

With the right combination of tools and training, you can prevent the vast majority of technology challenges. We ensure you have everything you need—including firewalls, email security, antivirus, anti-spam, two-factor authentication and security awareness training to ensure the tools are used correctly. We also conduct robust technology testing, vulnerability testing and backup testing—essential efforts that can often overwhelm small to midsize firms.

Through detailed assessments and tests, we ensure your IT framework is solid—so you can focus on satisfying clients and growing your business.

Nobody knows what’s next. But when it’s resilience you need, Proxios delivers.

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