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Is your network reliability allowing you to be productive?

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Many small to mid-sized businesses face the same challenges as larger competitors but often underestimate the impact network reliability and performance can have on their organization’s productivity, and are at a disadvantage simply due to their inability to scale. Still, since your business depends on your IT infrastructure to be successful, wouldn’t it be wise to invest in a network assessment to determine the state of your infrastructure?

A network assessment is a review of your company’s current IT infrastructure to get an overall understanding of the state of your IT and discover opportunities for improvements. The assessment includes a review of your current network management, processes, security, systems, equipment and performance. The result of the review provides recommendations and information you need to make more informed business decisions around IT infrastructure improvements.

At a high level, a network assessment should reveal your IT infrastructure’s current capabilities and weak areas, such as:

• Locating hardware that is at or nearing its End of Life which could hinder performance, cause security vulnerabilities and a data breach.
• Discovering outdated firmware that needs to be updated or the equipment needs to be replaced.
• Identifying wiring connections that are causing bottlenecks, connectivity and performance problems.
• Establishing a baseline for normal performance, setting thresholds for alerts to signal network issues and security breaches.
• Documenting IT infrastructure and process for monitoring.

Once the assessment has been completed, you should expect a report with findings and recommendations for improvements and path forward to help you make the right decisions for your business’s IT infrastructure.

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