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Customized for your business needs, Proxios delivers the right cloud-based solutions for you to lead the way in your specific industry.

Case Studies

Legal Solutions


Faced with rapid expansion, law firm LeClairRyan teamed up with Proxios to outsource its IT to the cloud, which has helped the firm become more efficient, effective and competitive.

Insurance Solutions

Atlantic Specialty Lines  

Learn how Atlantic Specialty Lines transformed their business with a fully integrated, secure cloud solution that includes virtual desktops, telephony, email, document scanning, faxing and more.

Medical Solutions

Physicians Home Visits  

Physicians Home Visits adopts the Proxios virtual desktop solution to better manage its important data, allowing doctors to concentrate on providing excellent care.

Non-Profit Solutions

Fund for Public Health  

The Fund for Public Health relied on a co-located network infrastructure that it shared with a larger organization. While this helped it reduce IT costs, they didn’t receive the same amount of attention that the larger firm received.

Manufacturing Solutions

Burlington Medical  

Discover how Burlington Medical Supplies significantly lowered its IT costs, increased its organizational efficiency and became more competitive.

Distribution Solutions

Electrical Equipment Company  

Learn how this leading industrial automation distribution firm has shifted its IT focus to delivering business facing opportunities by partnering with Proxios for its general purpose IT needs.