Healthcare IT: It’s All About Speed,
Security and Scalability for Growth

Are network bottlenecks keeping you from seeing more patients?
Could new IT efficiencies help your practice grow?

Are you confident that your patient data is secure from hackers?

Could your practice survive a ransomware attack?

As a modern healthcare organization, you have three priorities: timely treatment, patient satisfaction and long-term growth.

Reaching these goals often means adding physicians, seeing more patients, and boosting daily throughput. But you also need protection from the rising threat of cyberattacks and ransomware. The key to it all? A strong, fast and secure network.

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Your Technology Challenge: Network Speed, Performance and Security

You need quick access to electronic medical records (EMRs) all day, every day. That means a speedy network that can serve up records on demand. You don’t have time for slow performance or network interruptions. And you can’t run the risk of hackers and ransomware causing downtime, data breaches and costly HIPAA violations.

We Help You Drive Security and Patient Efficiency

Chances are, you already have a small IT team—but these individuals can only do so much.  They may do well maintaining systems and resolving everyday issues, but they’re likely not experts in network design, data storage or cybersecurity. Their skillsets simply don’t go that deep. And hiring IT specialists with technology certifications is often too costly.

Yet without trained network and security experts on your team, you may have unknown security gaps. And you could be missing opportunities to strengthen your network speed, performance and security from the inside out.

By partnering with the right healthcare IT support services team, you’ll have the answers and extra assurance you want.

Our Team Brings What You’re Missing: Diverse IT Certifications

At Proxios, we fill in the gaps with core skills you may be missing—plus a firm grasp on HIPAA compliance.

  • Technology certifications: All of our engineers have active IT certifications (often multiple), which means they have the latest knowledge on today’s IT software, tools, network design and more. By partnering with us, these highly skilled engineers can help you close gaps, eliminate exposure, build redundancy and ensure your staff is trained for the unexpected.
  • HIPAA awareness and compliance: Just like you, we work hard to ensure our company is 100% HIPAA compliant. Our expert HIPAA knowledge is a critical differentiator in helping you navigate the complexities of HIPAA regulations to ensure full compliance. It’s one more thing that sets Proxios apart.

We’ve got the certifications. We’ve got the experience. And we’ve got the networking and security experts who can ensure your network is fast and secure as it can be. And if a technology challenge should arise, the Proxios team is there to address it head on.

Managed IT for Healthcare:
Providing Your Growth Roadmap

Don’t know where to begin? Our network and security teams will assess the current state of your network architecture and daily operations. That insight helps us create a roadmap to ensure you have:

  • Seamless communication between systems
  • EMRs accessible on demand
  • Strong internet availability
  • Network capacity for fast data transfers
  • Effective backups, network redundancy and automatic failover
  • Strong security practices and training
  • Enough speed, performance and capacity to differentiate your practice, attract new patients and grow

When it’s network speed, performance and security you need, Proxios delivers.

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