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EECO is a leader in factory automation, motor solutions and electrical supplies.


The Challenge

EECO is focused on customer satisfaction and delivery within their main areas of business—electrical supply and distribution, motor repair, and industrial automation—allowing little time to handle IT infrastructure and maintenance, all the while understanding IT is a crucial component in meeting their customer satisfaction and operational excellence goals.

EECO is a company that has a long, rich history, and therefore over time, has effectively adapted to not only marketplace advancements, but technology advances as well. This willingness to evolve has been a driving factor in their successful, continued growth and optimizing day-to-day operations.

In recent years the company has faced challenges with its in-house, self-managed IT infrastructure and services. Employees found themselves devoting too much time fixing day-to-day tactical issues rather than focusing on strategic projects that would allow for continued growth, organizational excellence and customer satisfaction.

EECO recognized its need for an IT as a Service solution delivered by a company that cared as much about its IT as the company itself. The business required a high level of flexibility, close attention to details, and a dedication that would guarantee not only a smooth migration, but also the highest level of functionality and service thereafter.

The Solution

EECO was unsure how to evaluate the various cloud, IT as a Service, and managed service options in the market. So, Proxios conducted a full assessment, identifying areas for improvement opportunities, and proposing a solution that would allow EECO day-to-day operational, availability performance improvements, and increase usability and productivity of IT services.

In 2013, EECO choose to move forward with Proxios’ solution and began the migration process.

The Results

The team at EECO instantly witnessed that Proxios did not try to fit their business into a predetermined box, but instead met their needs through a customized solution. Flexibility has been a stand-out characteristic of our partnership. EECO has unique infrastructure management requirements and Proxios effectively meets these nuances.

The solution to migrate the infrastructure to an enterprise class cloud platform was the biggest immediate win for EECO. Instead of constant worry and excessive time being devoted to resolving IT issues, the focus was shifted to new functionality driving usability and productivity throughout the organization. More emphases on business strategy, rather than ‘keeping the engine running’ enabled continued company growth with a focus on customer service and operational excellence.

EECO’s IT team was able to focus on strategic IT projects, including development of a new order management system for their marine business, upgrading and enhancing their Sharepoint environment, improving business analytics, metrics and reporting, and developing a roadmap for next generation ERP functionality with business process integration.

By re-focusing individuals to leverage institutional knowledge, new skills training, and external resource alignment, the EECO IT team is positioned to be a true business partner with its internal customers. The majority of IT projects have shifted from infrastructure to business facing enablement opportunities.

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