Atlantic Specialty Lines (ASL) is a wholesale insurance and risk management company.

The Challenge

ASL has five locations and over 100 employees. The company offers a variety of property, casualty, auto, professional and personal lines of coverage exclusively to retail independent insurance agents.

After starting the company with six people and two servers, ASL doubled its growth each year for eight years and its IT costs escalated rapidly. ASL found that its IT became more complicated, with staff members using different versions of Windows, adding to the complexity of new software and upgrade projects. Security and disaster recovery concerns compounded these challenges. At one point, IT staff was taking crucial data backups home in case of a catastrophe. Finally, the firm required extensive travel, and their existing environment would not allow employees to work remotely.

Combining these internal IT demands with the need to support the company’s rapid growth, ASL realized it needed to evaluate outsourcing options to address the situation.

ASL wanted a solution that would free them from purchasing, maintaining and upgrading their on-premise IT infrastructure. They needed to control and predict technology costs, simplify their IT, and provide high security and disaster recovery. Due to the nature of the insurance business, they wanted to allow their employees to work remotely, from any location. And finally, they wanted the capability to easily add users and offices to support their growth objectives.


  • Insurance
  • Application Hosting
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Managed IT Services
  • Network Monitoring
  • Private, Public, Hybrid Cloud
  • Security
  • Service Desk 24 x 7 x 365
  • Systems & Infrastructure
  • Unified Communications
  • Virtual Desktop

The Solution

In 2003, ASL transitioned its IT operations to Proxios. All of the firm’s applications were transitioned from ASL’s servers to Proxios’ data center, including the firm’s accounting and policy insurance system, which Proxios ultimately helped the firm replace. The new software-enabled ASL to use automated workflows to generate new business, issues policies, manage events and perform accounting functions. Applications are individually assigned to each employee and delivered through a virtual desktop. Employees access all their business applications from within their office, and when outside the office, from any internet-connected device. This allows ASL to decentralize and give employees the opportunity to work from anywhere anytime.

In 2008, ASL went paperless and implemented Proxios’ VoIP phone solution that helped to lower phone costs and allow for greater communication mobility.

The Results

Nearly 15 years have passed since implementing Proxios’ services. Employees are more productive and able to work from anywhere, anytime. ASL now has a scalable, reliable, flexible and fully integrated secure cloud solution, essential for the insurance industry.

ASL continues to grow significantly each year with Proxios helping them get the most from IT by achieving greater availability, usability and productivity, and giving them a strategic advantage over their competitors.