About the Client


This Client delivers cost-effective, direct-to-provider, self-funded health benefit solutions for small employers.


  • 6 user healthcare partner
  • 1 location

Operational Challenges

  • IT systems spread across multiple providers
  • No central IT partner
  • Unsecure file sharing
  • Using personal cell phones

Client Objectives

Improve Data Management and Security.

  1. Consolidate to one IT partner
  2. Upgrade and standardize end-user computing
  3. Improve file sharing security
  4. Upgrade to VoIP telephony
  5. Improve security and ransomware mitigation

What We Did

Moved ACMG to the Cloud and out of Closet Servers.

  • Upgraded users’ laptops
  • Implemented Microsoft Intune and Office365
  • Centralized Microsoft licensing agreements
  • Migrated office to secure OneDrive
  • Upgraded to Microsoft Teams telephony system
  • Implemented two-factor authentication
  • Provided security awareness training
  • Implemented advanced spam filtering

Client Testimonial

“As head of the company, one of the things that I’m always concerned about is what I don’t know in this rapidly changing world of IT data management. It’s very challenging to stay on top of best IT practices; you need some real talent behind you to protect your team from these threats and we have found a very strong partner in Proxios to help us keep our data and our clients’ data safe and secure, even with a remote workforce.

Our friends at Proxios have helped our company move from servers in a closet to secure cloud data management strategies. Moving to the Microsoft Office Suite has made us less susceptible to security hacks. With this change, I have a great level of comfort knowing that we were protected the best we can be, whether we’re working from home or from the office.

We also know that we can count on the Proxios team for support; they’re always an email or a phone call away and we’ve been very happy with their support services. Thanks to Proxios, I don’t have to worry about IT as much as I used to.”

– CEO & President

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