The balance between productivity vs. security and compliance.

These days, many IT professionals probably equate their jobs to standing on the deck of a boat in the middle of 10-foot seas. One minute, you’re leaning one way, struggling to maintain user productivity. The next, you’re tilting the other direction and doing everything possible to enforce security and compliance across the enterprise.

The challenge is, this virtual see-saw is only getting more intense. Transformational technologies such as cloud and new workforce requirements, including mobility, BYOD and third-party vendors that have access to your networks and data, are creating IT compromises like never before.

What’s clear in all this stomach-churning activity is that a new approach to IT security is needed–and needed now. To compete and succeed in this new mobile-centric era, your security strategy must:

  • Protect your organization’s most valuable assets and data from loss or theft.
  • Facilitate compliance and regulatory enforcement, while preparing for new and emerging requirements.
  • Allow people to access the apps and data they need from any device for full productivity.
  • Ensure the availability and performance of apps and data from any network connection and cloud environment.
  • Reduce the risk associated with disruptions, whether from planned activities or unplanned situations.

What’s also clear is that traditional perimeter-based security–what most organizations still use–is no longer effective for protecting organizations and keeping their vital apps and data secure, yet available to authorized users.

Want to see what you need to consider for your security infrastructure if you want to address the growing cybersecurity threats of today while preparing for the future? Download our Cybersecurity Threats infographic now and contact Proxios to assist with your security needs.

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