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Proxios ITaaS provides the flexibility to migrate as little or as much of your IT services. For instance, you can start with Hosted Exchange Email, and incorporate additional services over time, or fully migrate your entire IT to Proxios.

Virtual Desktops

Proxios hosts Microsoft Windows or Linux-based applications on its enterprise-class cloud platform on a monthly subscription basis. In addition to customer furnished software, Proxios also provides subscription licensing for Microsoft, Intuit and other popular 3rd party application providers. In all cases, applications are delivered to your PC or laptop virtually, giving you anytime / anywhere access to your entire software library. For mid to larger clients, Proxios features its Business Builder solution and for smaller firms with minimal computing needs Office Builder is the appropriate choice.

Network Management

In today’s on-line world, the performance of the network largely determines the quality of the computing experience. Understanding and managing network traffic, rapidly responding and resolving failures to network equipment, and acting on our client’s behalf with telecommunication providers are critical services that Proxios provides to its clients on either a standalone basis or as part of our hosted virtual desktop service. Cloud-based subscription services are available including LAN and WAN Equipment Monitoring and Network Performance Monitoring.

Unified Communications

In partnership with Cisco, Proxios provides a comprehensive communication solution including IP telephony, IP video and audio conferencing, and customer contact management. The solution is available on either a standalone basis, or can be integrated into your Business Builder or Office Builder virtual desktop.

Data Backup

With our dependence on digital information, comes the associated need to ensure that the data itself is protected against equipment failure or accidental erasure. Proxios provides a wide range of data protection services including end point backup for your PCs and laptops; “Back-up as a Service” for your on-site servers, off-site replication for customers with EMC storage solutions; and full disaster recovery (DR) for your virtual computing environment.

Endpoint Protection

Businesses must protect themselves against cyber threats. Computing end points including PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones are all potential targets for hackers and the destructive effects of various types of malware. Proxios offers industry-leading products and services for anti-virus protection and patch management of your end points.

Business Builder

Get the applications your business needs in a virtual desktop environment, where employees can access programs anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Office Builder

Provides hosted, subscription-based software like Microsoft Email, Microsoft Office and QuickBooks to each employee through the Internet.

Service Builder

Take the first step to ITaaS with a range of cloud-based standalone services such as endpoint protection, network monitoring, and data backup.